Tuesday, May 3, 2016

EVENT: The J. Paul Getty Museum

My Day with Mr. Getty
      This week I attended the Getty Museum for one of my events.  The Getty Museum was established by the businessman/ Philanthropist J. Paul Getty.  Mr. Getty had a fascination with art and started collecting it in 1945 when he moved to the Malibu Area.  When his collection became too big he decided that it was in his best interest to build a villa to expand on his collection.  The ground for this site was broken in 1974.  It then evolved into what everyone knows The Getty Museum to be today.  What was once a very small and personal museum has now expanded to cover a 110 acre facility that welcomes over a million guests each year.

 What I thought was most interesting about my visit to the Getty was how applicable a lot of the structures were to what we have been studying in class.  As I walked through the garden I realized that intermediaries between art and science can be found everywhere.  Take this windmill for example.  It intertwines industrialized advancements with the beauty of art.  When windmills were first created their only purposes were functional ones.  This structure took the science put into these windmills and transformed it into a piece of art.  I thought that it was extremely unique how it harnessed the natural wind around it to expand its beauty and complexity even more.

What also caught my eye was the main feature of the garden harnessed the use of water for its beauty.  It consisted of a long stream that ran down the length of the garden into a large pond that consisted of a maze like arrangement of shrubs.  This added a lot to the garden as almost anywhere you could see and hear part of the fountain.  

The Getty was an amazing experience for me that I would recommend to anyone, especially Desma 9 students.  It opened my eyes as to how science is heavily prevalent in art.  It is also in a spectacular location that shows off all the beauty that our home of LA has to offer.  

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