Saturday, May 7, 2016

Biotechnology in Art

  Like the professor said, this week's topic is a very controversial one.  The incorporation of biotechnology in art is one that has been debated about since its creation.  People often argue that this field of study and experimentation is one that needs to be more heavily regulated.  This is a topic that involves genetically modifying natural objects such as plants, animals, and even humans.  Looking at the picture on the right, it would be an easy claim to make that animals are often mistreated through this field of study.

  Although it is easy to make the assumption that biotechnology is a harmful in many ways, it is also easy to say that it has done a lot of good.  An example of this is Dr. Rufus Chaney's Revival Field (Left).  This particular piece of work uses plants to extract metals from the soil that are causing contamination.  Chaney has incorporated her study of biotechnology into a green experiment that could potentially do a lot of good in the world.  A similar project is the one being performed by Natalie Jeremijenko in New York.  Natalie has started replacing pieces of concrete and asphalt with different types of plants.  This adds greenery to the very industrialized city of New York.

A biotech experiment that may evoke a different reaction among society is one being carried out by Eduardo Kac.  Kac found a way to make his bunny, Alba, glow a florescent green.  He did so by infusing Alba with EGFP, a fluorescent gene found in a specific species of jelly fish.  This is an experiment that could be criticized by many.  Altering the genes of a living animal can be seen as unjust and immoral.  It could also pose a threat to the creature endangering its life.  It's experiments like these that have caused much of society to inhibit a skeptical view of biotechnology and the path that it is on.  

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