Tuesday, May 3, 2016

EVENT: "Drone Sweet Drone"

   For one of my events  I attended the guest lecture by artist, designer, and former UCLA student Anne Niemetz.  Niemetz, now a media arts professor at Victoria University in New Zealand, focuses her work towards the areas of wearable technology and drones.  She also shared a number of projects that she has worked on that includes experiments having to do with sound.

One thing that I took away from Anne's lecture was how becoming educated in art and science can prove to be beneficial for careers after college.  One place that this is prevalent is in Anne's work on sound generation using bolts of electricity coming from Tesla Balls.  As Anne explained, the sound generated through this method is unlike any other instrument ever created.  This is a perfect representation of how the worlds of science and art collide.  This sound generation obviously takes a great deal of technological advancements in the world of science, but also and understanding on the artistic side of music.
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     Anne also talked a lot about the impact that drones are having on the world.  This is very similar to the robotics unit that we covered in class.  Niemetz's perspective seemed to be that drones are obviously a technological advancement that are proving to be helpful to society, but one that we should be cautious with. She also talked about how the rest of society feels about drones.  She mentioned that many individuals have come to feel violated by constant surveillance of drones.

   I would recommend definitely recommend this event to other students in the class.  I thought that the things that Anne talked about appealed heavily to topics covered in Desma 9.  I also thought that it was good to see how successful a fellow Bruin has become in her life.

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