Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Math and Art

Math in Art

Growing up, I always prided myself in being an exceptional student in all of my math classes.  I thoroughly enjoyed it and was able to solve problems at ease that others struggled with.  Art classes were a different story however.  After I educated myself on the topic this week, I noticed that math skills may perhaps relate to specific kinds of art.  A simple example of how math and science relate is described in Abbott’s Flatland.  Abbott describes how different perspectives of different objects give the viewer different shapes. In addition, I was enlightened by the math that goes into the constructions of vanishing points, as Marc Frantz mentioned in his lecture.  This picture of different shapes shows both effects in action as a viewer can see different things based on their vantage point.  One can also notice the intersecting lines on the bottom of the picture that are seemingly parallel.    

                I was also intrigued to find the amount of math that goes into the production of sound.  Technological advancements can be seen in the difference between digital and analog sound.  Music and Computers states that digital sound is simply an approximation of analog sound.  As more and more approximations are made to produce digital sound, the quality becomes clearer and clearer. 

   Based on what I have learned this week, I would say that examples involving art, science, and math intertwined are extremely easy to find.  For example, architectural structures a lot of times involve all three in order to not only be safe, but also attractive.  All three aspects go into making UCLA the beautiful school that we know today.

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